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Day 5, 6:00pm - 7:00pm

I didn't even like Edgar that much, but the final minutes of last night's episode broke my heart :(

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It was so sad. I liked Edgar and always thought he and Chloe would get together. Chloe was so upset. It was so sad. The clock was silent at the end of the episode, which is a rare occurrence saved for especially sad episodes.

R.I.P. Edgar, you will be missed :o(

As annoying as Kim is, I'm kinda glad to have her back. Didn't she look gorgeous!!? :o)
Yeah, I thought there was something underneath the surface too. I mean, Edgar's heart was in the right place but he did make some royal fuck ups in his time, and occasionally made things harder for everyone. But that was such a sad situation with him and everyone else being completely helpless. And yeah, the silence at the end was completely fitting.

Aww, I'm glad Kim's back. I've never had anything against her actually, I just think she's been a victim of really awful subplotting! And by the looks of it, this series is no exeption with that dodgy counsellor cum boyfriend. Elisha Cuthbert is so pretty though. It's really unfair.

What d'you think's going to happen in the next few episodes? I mean, everyone is holed up in that little room for the immediate future, how will they know it's safe to come out?
I have no idea what's going to happen in the next few episodes, but I'm guessing Tony and Henderson being locked in the same room isn't a good idea. Tony's rage over Michelle's death might cause him to do something stupid.

It will be interesting to see how the next few episodes play out with all the key CTU characters stuck in the Situation Room. They must get them out of their quickly in the next episode otherwise I can't think of much that can happen in one room, unless the next episode centres just on the President and the Terrorists?
I was thinking that too! And by the sounds of it they have history anyway if Tony used to work for him. Plus, Kim won't be happy that Henderson is being tortured if he helped her through her apparent loss...

Well, we do have Curtis out in the field so perhaps he will be able to try and stop things, since they do still have technology in the situation room. But I think Logan's decision whether to enforce martial law will play a big part in the next few episodes, although I've heard the next few are among the most action packed ever - so who knows?

I'm quite concerned to see what happens to Lynn though, especially as this is all his fault because he was too cowardly to let CTU know he got mugged and his key card taken.

I thought Curtis was in the Situation Room too? I'll have to rewatch to check. What happened to Lynn when the nerve gas was released? Did they move him to a sealed room, I can't remember.