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Hi.....New Member

Just wanted to say hi to everyone and find out if anyone has completed the "secret mission" promotion thats going on at the moment, i think its being run by sky one. I completed it and found it very exciting, but then i am easily excited.

I've only just really started watching 24, i have some friends at work who went on about it all the time and i thought i should check it out. So after downloading (i know naughty me) a couple of ep's from day 1 i was hooked, it took my other half about half an episode to be hooked so we are currently working our way through them now (i got the season 1-5 boxset for christmas). We are currently just starting day 3 and we are planning a full weekend marathon of 24 starting tonight and going through till monday so hopefully day 3 should be done by next week, i wanna try and get all 5 seasons watched by the time day 6 premiers at the end of the month (i think) so i've a lot to watch :-D
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