Fear and Self Loathing in Long Melford (fry1138) wrote in 24uk,
Fear and Self Loathing in Long Melford

10pm to 11pm

spoilers for anyone not upto the episode shown last night on sky one.

Air Force One was blown out of the sky and all i could think was is that it? they stole a stealth plane just to blow up one guy?.......the CTU staff seemed more shocked by the president being blown out of the sky than when 130 nuclear plants were melting down....i guess we jsut get used to the plot twists getting bigger and bigger...although i guess it woulda been a bigger deal the us viewers if it had still been Palmer as president as we had known him from the start.

In many ways this series seems to have been a bit more up silly in places than the first 3..like jack pretending to be a hostage or when he held up the gas station....it just seemed a little silly and poorly thought out...maybe jack has taken some of kims silly traits on.

Oh yeah and im glad Chloe got back to CTU......just love the fact that she is so tactless...just says whatever she thinks.

Still its still been good fun to watch and better than 99% of the stuff on tv.
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