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Things have been really quiet around here but.....

just thought I'd post and rant a little about a certain character's attitude in the last couple of eps.

Okay, sympathy for Audrey on the fact she lost her husband. That was awful and really saddening but screaming at Jack and treating him like he's a heartless killer is waaaaay out of order. Anyone with half a brain could see how difficult it was for Jack to do that. It was a choice between saving Paul or millions of lives and he made the right call. If he'd have put Paul's life over the chance to get information that could stop the nuke - can you say 'treason'? Tony got arrested and jailed for putting Michelle's life over national security and Audrey knew that but she was prepared to do the same thing with Paul. I think that if she would rather Paul was saved that a nuke detonation was prevented then she should resign.

I realise that it's extremely difficult for Audrey and she'll not be thinking about much else other than her grief when it comes to Paul's death but tough decisions are part of the job she's got and the fact is, family and loved ones will always be a target as Jack has found out the hard way. Having said that, she must be so self-involved not have seen how Jack struggled with what he was doing and that he couldn't accept Paul had died at first. It was screamingly obvious he was torn up about it.
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