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Series 5 Premier

How good was it?!! I think I orgasmned!! I can't believe David Palmer and Michelle Dessler are dead!!! They were two of my favourite characters, I simply can't believe it. They will be missed :o( R.I.P.

I hope Tony gets better soon. I'm sure he'll do a fast recovery, like he did in Series 3 when he was shot in the neck and three hours later he was on both feet running CTU again.
It was good to see Wayne Palmer again too.
Overall - fooking awesome!!!

Next week can't come fast enough!
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I wasn't *that* excited ;) but I did cry for Michelle and complained in every ad break that I wanted to know how Tony was doing. Its nice to see that Jack has already started on the bodycount, the bodycount total game is a fun part of 24 :D
I just posted my long rambly comments on the first two episodes on my LJ - http://justtracy.livejournal.com/237586.html
agreed it was brilliant....and the best part is another 2 episodes next sunday.(or did i just wish i heard that)..im always left wanting more so im hoping they will show 2 episodes every week.

24 can sometimes feel like the storyline is getting silly....but its silly in a damn good way.....

chloe's attitude is still damn funny....i wonder if she is gonna get interogated back at ctu?

this makes wanna get all the previous series on dvd.